Personal Trainer Services

fitness-trainerFitness Assessment
Comprehensive Evaluation & Progress Tracking. I will record all baseline measurements and assess your current fitness, flexibility and nutrition needs on an individualized basis, depending what your goals are.

fitness-trainerMuscle Strengthening and Toning
Weight training will be designed for you – with you – to improve your muscle strength and muscle tone, selecting methods that work for your body type. We often accomplish this with gravity and you only, without the need for equipment. Many clients enjoy the use of weights, balls, bands, so I work with you to find what fits with your lifestyle, needs and goals.

fitness-trainerCardio/Aerobic/Endurance Training
Cardiovascular fitness is a part of any well rounded exercise program, and we will figure out if walking outdoors, using a bike, treadmill, gardening, walking your dog, or golfing, etc., is what will work best for you to incorporate this very heart healthy element.

fitness-trainerNutrition Analysis
I work with you to personalize your lifestyle nutrition plan. A weight loss and weight loss maintenance program is included when you hire her for your personal fitness and nutrition.

fitness-trainerCore Training
Strong abdominal and back muscles (your “core”) are critical to wellness, posture, overall body strength and tone. You will find a core training program with One-on-One private training works and fits into your lifestyle. I excel at incorporating this important element into your program and lifestyle.

fitness-trainerInterval and “Boot Camp” Training
Like to amp up your workout? Gotta get in shape quick? If you prefer moving quickly, with a more intense segmented routine, you will find it here. Not only that, you have 100% of my attention, since this is private training. Get it exactly how you want it: Moderate to Intense!

fitness-trainerWalking Programs
Feel out of shape and just can’t seem to get going? Accountability with a trainer is often all it takes to get started and moving. Walking is great exercise and I will help you incorporate this into your life so it sticks!

fitness-trainerPlyometric Exercises
These improve bone density and add power and strength moves to get you in shape! Safe, effective exercises will make you feel and see a difference in your physical fitness and appearance. Plyometrics add variety and fun to fitness programs from novice to expert.

Starting Your Fitness Journey

starting your fitness journeyPersonal training services are available in my private home studio or in your home, whichever you are most comfortable with.

Upon meeting in person and your completion of standard information, exercise, and health history forms, I usually perform what I call a “fitness physical” on new clients. This may include cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance benchmarks, so we see where you are now, and to set milestones and chart your progress along the way. At this time, if you want to avail yourself of nutrition guidance for weight loss and/or meal planning, this is where we begin.