Group or One on One Fitness Training Live Online!

Thank you for your interest in One-on-One in-home personal training. If you are unable to train with me in person, you can now train with me LIVE in Real Time with FaceTime & Skype One-on-One Personal Fitness Training. All you need is a webcam and we’re ready to workout live from my studio to your home. Next best thing to being here!

What is FaceTime?It’s a feature of Ipad and Iphone devices that allows you to use realtime conferencing. Learn more here. facetime fitness training
What is Skype? It’s a free service for internet phone and webcams. It works on both Mac and PC. Learn more here. skype
Margo’s virtual fitness training was featured in the Austin Statesman! Read the article >>



Read what clients say about Skype & FaceTime Fitness Training:

“Hey Margo, Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been loving your videos since I’ve been here in Chile. For example, today I’m at an observatory in the north of Chile, and the gym and roads are being repaired after some bad rainstorms, so I opted for your videos instead. I was able to get in a good, quick, intense workout, all in my little dorm room. So, from 10,000 feet elevation, in the middle of the Atacama Desert, this can by your un-official, international debut!! Thanks a bunch!!” -A.P. | Yale University
“I’ve been a fairly good exerciser most of my adult life. Not very consistent in a particular approach, but I generally kept at it in some form or another. Then, a few years ago, I went through a really tough time and one result was that I went into a real exercise slump. Now, my primary goal is to improve the quality of my life – how I feel in my body and about myself. I figure any loss of weight or inches will be a bonus. I’ve learned about myself that personal interaction makes a big difference in my level of success when I’m tackling tough challenges. Finding the right coach is key, and Margo is great. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, plus she listens and really “gets it” about what I’m looking for. Having Margo come into my home, over Skype, is such a great fit for me and my schedule. It’s amazing how much she can see and pick up, even though she’s not in the room with me! Her workouts are very effective without taking a lot of time. I’ve been working with her for only a few weeks and I am already enjoying the benefits!” -Sally | Washington State

Want to learn more about using Skype or Facetime for your fitness trainer options? Check out this video below:

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