About Margo

personal training in austinI started One-on-One Fitness Training with the business charter of “Lifestyle Fitness”. Years later, that remains unchanged in a changing world.

If you want to feel and see results in a realistic short timeframe that sticks, I can and want to help you with a customized fitness program. If you are looking for “the Biggest Loser” fitness trainer quick fix, I’m not for you.

My strength is instructional methodology and motivation; in other words, I’m REALLY, really good at demonstrating and explaining how to effectively do a particular exercise to achieve maximum results. I do not use ‘cookie cutter’ programs. Every client is different and I work with you, one on one, to do that which best suits you. I love working here in Austin, and have been featured and published many times in local fitness publications.

I’m available to my clients 24/7. As a nutritionist, many of my clients avail themselves of my services not just during their session, but during daily meal planning and for any other questions that may arise – client success is my success.

If you want to use just your body and gravity, while home, outdoors or traveling, you will be pleased with what I can teach you. If apparatus is your thing, I have equipment for more resistance strength and toning, including free weights, bands, stability balls, bars, and more. We can train indoors and outdoors, doing circuit/interval segments, boot camp endurance work, or simply moderate walks if that is your starting point. I train novice to seasoned individuals, male and female, very fit or just starting fitness for the first time in their lives.

I am conveniently located near the new Hill Country Galleria on Bee Cave Road. Many clients prefer to train in the comfort of their own home, and use no equipment, equipment I may bring, or to use things they purchased that may be collecting dust!

I have multiple certifications, and of course CPR training. I’m also certified for group instruction. I teach a weekend class at a popular facility in West Lake ‘on the side’ just to enjoy the large group setting since I’m private all week long. I enjoy walking or jogging out at Town Lake during my off time, boating on Lake Travis, and time at my place in Port Aransas on the Gulf Coast.

Thank you for visiting my website, and please feel free to contact me via mail, the contact sheet, or by telephone. I’m happy to answer any questions and to discuss rates.

Warm Regards,
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